Executive Producer

Dan has more that 10 years industry experience as an producer and project manager, having led teams and game productions ranging from Capcom, EA/Crytek, Warner Brothers to Avalanche Studios self-published theHunter series. He currently holds positions in several educational boards and frequently coaches studio start-ups.

Senior Investment Manager

Maria has been in the board of directors for the Pan European Game Association and also CEO for the Nordic Game Association for over 12 years and held board positions in a number of leading Swedish Tech companies such as Fishbrain, Ztorm and Esportal. Maria has a long experience in investing in both tech and game sector.


For the last 15 years, game veteran Per-Arne helmed Gothia Science Park, making Skövde one of Scandinavia’s most important game development hubs. In January 2018 he joined Goodbye Kansas Game Invest as new CEO.

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Peter has 25 years of executive leadership in the game and entertainment industry. Past positions include CEO at Bonnier Multimedia, Electronic Arts Nordic and Pan Vision Group. Peter is an avid entrepreneur with a documented capacity to build fast growing companies. His work also includes board positions at privately held companies like Starbreeze, Boss Media and Digital Illusion (DICE).


Business Development

With the fast growth we are experiencing within Goodbye Kansas we are happy to introduce Johan to the team. With a background from the music industry and CEO in a  post-production company, amongst others, Johan is responsible for a number of important business dev projects in Goodbye Kansas Group and now also involved in Goodbye Kansas Game Invest.


Strategic advisor

Thomas Lindgren has more than 15 years as Strategic Advisor, Investor, Board Member and Entrepreneur in the Game Industry. He is among others chairman of the board for Fatshark and CEO of Glorious Games.