Fall Damage

The idea of starting an independent game studio had been brewing for quite some time. A place where experienced and new creators could develop both a company and great games together. In December 2016 the four gaming pioneers Anders Gyllenberg, Mikael Kalms, Markus Nyström and Dan Vaderlind founded Fall Damage and a couple of months later they joined forces with Goodbye Kansas Game Invest.

─ We want everyone at our studio to be involved in the games we create, it’s not until then we get the opportunity to channel all of our passion into our creations. The player’s experience matters the most to us. Not the hardware, platform or cutting-edge tech, says Markus Nyström, Creative Director at Fall Damage.

Markus Nyström was one of the co-founders of DICE back in 1992. Together with the other three founders of Fall Damage; Anders Gyllenberg (CEO), Mikael Kalms (CTO) and Dan Vaderlind (COO), they represent a wide and long experience from AAA-productions such as “Battlefield” and “Star Wars: Battlefront” amongst others.

─ For many years we have worked on massive productions in enormous teams. We found that we all shared a desire to create something of our own. Fall Damage is our opportunity to build something from the ground up, says Anders Gyllenberg. The ambition is to keep development teams small to nourish the ‘indie’ feeling of inclusiveness and to create high quality games we enjoy to play ourselves!




Creative Director