Framebunker is a Danish game studio founded by industry heavyweights Nicholas Francis and Charles Hinshaw. Both previously come from key positions at Unity Technologies and were instrumental in the development of Unity, a leading game engine.
Besides their game development skills, their expertise will be of importance for most game studios within the Goodbye Kansas family, explains Henrik Jonsson, Executive Producer at Goodbye Kansas Game Invest.
─We look for exceptional people with visions for creating both successful companies and amazing gaming experiences with a long-term perspective. Framebunker have proven to possess exactly these qualities, with their extensive expertise from the creation of Unity, combined with great game ideas. We see this as more than an investment in a game studio, this is an investment in our ecosystem where all our partner companies will benefit from the collaboration, given the Unity expertise that now becomes part of the Goodbye Kansas family, says Henrik Jonsson.
─ I grew up playing games that inspired me, challenged me, and kicked my imagination into overdrive — and I co-founded framebunker because I believe that the next generation of gamers deserve those experiences. In Goodbye Kansas Game Invest we found a partner who shares that passion, and their insight and guidance will help us grow framebunker into a world-class indie studio in the heart of rainy Copenhagen,says Charles Hinshaw, co-founder of Framebunker.
Framebunker are currently developing ”Static Sky”, a tactical action game in a cyberpunk setting, for PC, Switch, iOS, Xbox One and Playstation 4.