Palindrome Interactive

Palindrome Interactive was born out of the idea of making more with less. The idea of a game development studio that could punch above its weight and deliver world class content while still remaining small, independent, creatively free, and able to pursue the projects we always dreamed of working on.

“Palindrome strives to be one of the world’s top strategy game developers, by creating deep and engaging game experiences of the highest quality, crafted by a skilled and passionate team” – Johan Ahlgren CEO.

The studio was co-founded by five alumni from the University of Skövde’s game development educations in 2015, with the explicit ambition to create some of the world’s best turn-based strategy games. By that point the team that had already worked together on multiple projects, and the studio has since collaborated with industry veterans such as King and Square Enix Collective.

Palindrome is based in the quickly expanding game development hub of Skövde, and the studio wants to continue its contributions and involvement in helping to build a truly unique and vibrant game development community there, in order to find extraordinary talents and long term strategic partners.

Palindrome joined up with Goodbye Kansas in August 2016, and the team has since been hard at work on an unannounced strategy game, pouring all of its creative energy into doing what it loves to do – creating the games that it always dreamt of making.