Passion is the fuel of many great studios and Tarhead Studio in Skövde is no exception. They describe themselves as “a team of nerds, hipsters, bodybuilders and smartasses. But most of all Gamers, dedicated to making games that are fun to play”.

In 2016 Goodbye Kansas Game Invest stepped in and started working closely with the team to develop new games. And in September 2017 Tarhead released the first of these on Steam: Blast Out.

Blast Out is a fast paced arena brawler, where players are pitted against each other on deadly arenas. The game features a vibrant, distinctive art style and a deep, fun combat system. Blast Out offers dynamic gameplay that changes every time with the game’s deforming arenas. Players can fully customize their chosen fighting character from a vast variety of options, armour and equipment to help them prepare for intense brawling action while helping to protect them from the arenas themselves, which are riddled with traps and hazards.

“We’re really pleased to announce that Blast Out is coming to Steam Early Access”, said Martin Eriksson CEO of Tarhead Studio.

Dennis Kroné